Cross platform application
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Automated Trading

Benefits of Working with Us

You no longer need to constantly monitor the quotes to make a trade.
Just set the price at which you want to buy/sell and wait for the order to be executed.

Limit orders

You just choose the trading pair and % of the profit that you want to get. As soon as the price reaches the required level, the transaction will be automatically executed.

Liquidity available

Tokens are taken out from your wallet only at the trade execution time. Hold just 0.1 UNDB in your wallet to try us out.

Less gas per trade

There is no gas cost involved in creating, editing, or cancelling orders. No cuts or fees on your trades.

Automated Trade Cycles

Put a % profit and run the buys and sells automatically to the counts you want on tokens that run in a range.

Trading history

All your transactions are saved in the history in a convenient way, with a link to the ETH blockchain.

How to Get Started

Metamask connection

Go to

Attach the gas wallet to your metamask wallet by clicking on the red colored pin. After connection, it should turn green. Send some ETH to this wallet for your gas cost and you are ready to go.

IMPORTANT WARNING The application and smart contracts are currently in beta testing. In our opinion, they are safe, but we cannot take into account all the risks and contingencies that may arise during the use of the application and automated trading. Therefore, by using the application, holding UNDB token and performing other actions related to the project, you automatically agree and accept all possible risks of losing your funds. If you are not satisfied with this, simply leave the project.

Get Started!

UniDexBot Video Walkthrough

UniDexBot Roadmap

Uniswap Private Limit Orders

1 October 2020

Create Private book Limit Order possibility for Uniswap.



15 October 2020

Automatic Trading Cycles on Uniswap.


Rewards for Holders and Liquidity Providers

24 October 2020

300 UNDB tokens to be distributed to Holders and Liquidity Providers in a 150-day timeframe.

Stop Loss feature on Cycles

15 November 2020

Ability to add Stop Loss on Cycle trades.

Trail Stop feature on Cycles

25 November 2020

Ability to add Trail Stops on Cycle Orders.

Adaptive Web Application for Mobile Devices

30 November 2020

Making UniDexBot work in mobile devices seamlessly.

New Listing Sniping

10 December 2020

Ability to snipe new listings on Uniswap if Contract address is known before.

Martingale Averaging

20 December 2020

Ability to add Martingale Averaging on Cycle trades.

UniDexBot License Tier structure *

LicensePer trade capNumber of open tradesAdditional features ***
1.5None12Sniper, Stop Loss, Trail Stop, Rewards **
2None20Sniper, Stop Loss, Trail Stop, Rewards **, DEX aggregator
3 ****None20Half fee, Sniper, Stop Loss, Trail Stop, Rewards **, DEX aggregator
*License structure is subject to change as per the needs and wants of the market time to time
**Referring to the ongoing 150-day Rewards for Holders and LPs. Sniper will be more expensive
***UNDB is ETH blockchain exclusive bot
****This tier will help to save trading fees by half once we implement it. Right now there is no trading fees on the bot but we plan to add a 0.3% fee in the future.


Total token supply


Circulating supply


Hold 0.1 UNDB to try out


Months of locked liquidity


Team tokens locked for 5 weeks

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Cross platform application for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux.